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Rosersberg Palace

At Rosersberg Palace, north of Stockholm, time has stood still. The rooms remain almost untouched from the 1795-1860 period, with well-preserved interiors and collections. King Karl XIV Johan and Queen Desideria were the last members of royalty to live here.

Rosersberg Palace is one of the best kept secrets of Sweden's royal palaces. At Rosersberg time stands still.

The Oxenstierna family built the palace in the 1630s. It became a royal palace in 1762, when the state gave Rosersberg to Gustav III's younger brother Karl XIII.

King Karl XIV Johan and Queen Desideria spent long, relaxing summers at Rosersberg.

The rooms remain almost untouched from the 1795-1825 period, with well-preserved interiors and collections. Rosersberg become the missing link between the Gustavian era and the first of the Bernadottes.

The endless park in the breathtaking landscape of Mälaren adds to the charm of Rosersberg.

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Follow along on a guided tour and hear about the palace’s royal history, the history of the building itself and the preserved furnishings.

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Summer café Open today 11.00-17.00

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